The wong was full of purfled trees and snow that turned benches into soft sofas.  Two murfled twins pushed through trees pined and crooked. 

Downsteepy, in the dingle below, a shocking-pink car swerked with fat balloon-like wheels.

A large and lumpy buck-basket covered the roof with ruffled pink and white. 

Beside the car a vecke with ribbled face looked to be in her chair-day.  From under her pink coat a lace vasquine daggle-tailed.

Whoopubbing and hubbubing, the twins slithered and slid down the slope. 

The vecke pushed the car, quetching.  The twins pushed snow off a zuche and sat down. 

The pink vecke was eye-biting them. They didn’t run but stood and faffled at the fleak.