The Truth About Fairies





          My cousin Leon jumped off the third step, then he climbed back up to the fourth step and jumped down again.  I moved closer to get a better look.  When he jumped, he flapped the pieces of cardboard tied to his arms.  I was about to sit on the bottom step, when he threw himself across the steps to stop me.

       “What do you want?" he asked.

        “I just wanna watch what you're doing.  What are you doing?"

        “It's an experiment."

       “What's that?" I asked, pretending to be interested, though I knew if Leon was doing it this had to be something silly.

       “It's not for five-year-old babies.  Go away!" he said.

       “I'm not a baby!  I'm almost six!" I shouted.  He made a face and I stuck out my tongue.  "I'll bet you're trying to fly.  If you think you can fly with cardboard, then you're the baby," I said.  Now he looked really mad.

      “I heard you talking to fairies, when you were sitting behind the lilac bush," he said in a loud voice.  "There's no such thing as fairies!"

      “I never did!" I said, crossing my fingers behind my back.