The Truth About Fairies






           “What I'm doing is a very important experiment.  You would know that if you went to school and had learned about Icarus."

          “I am going to school. My first day is tomorrow, and I don't believe that someone named Icky can fly with cardboard wings!"  I had inched my way around him and was now sitting on the steps.  Leon was frowning down at me.

          “Icarus flew with wings made from feathers and wax, and if I jumped off a mountain on a windy day, I would be able to fly too."  I goggled at him.

          “Your mother would never let you!" I said.  "Besides, you can't believe that you can fly and not believe in fairies.  You believe in dinosaurs and cowboys."  He rolled his eyes and his voice sounded like he was talking to someone stupid.

          "There are no fairies, elves, or gnomes!  cowboys and dinosaurs are real!  Just ask Leona if you don't believe me.

Leon's sister Leona is just as bad as he is.  She's a goody goody who asks people if they want to hear her sing, or say the alphabet backward.  Her mother always smiles and says,

         "Oh yes dear, show us how you can recite."  Then everyone sits with a bored look on their face until Leona finishes. Once I asked her if she could count all one hundred numbers. She laughed and told me there are a lot more numbers than one hundred.

        "There are thousands and millions, and the teacher writes them all on the blackboard!  You'll find out when you go to school."   


         When I went to school next day, my mother had to talk to a nun before I could start.  The nun was sitting behind a desk, and on the desk was a big book with a beautiful picture on the cover.  I stared at the book.  It was a  picture of a lady with golden wings,
and she was shining like a lightbulb.   Now I would find out the truth about fairies.